36 Weeks Pregnant

36 Weeks Pregnant

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve finally made it to the thirty-sixth week of your pregnancy, and now you are considered late preterm, nine months exactly from conception (full term is not until 37 weeks). Your baby can be born any time now, as most births take place between weeks 37–40. Although this is an exciting time, it can also be a time of anxiety. You should be seeing your doctor on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is moving along just fine

Changes in Your Body at 36 Weeks Pregnant

This is a moment when you may feel so impatient that nothing pleases you anymore. You are probably still suffering from fatigue, constipation, insomnia, pregnancy pains, restlessness, hemorrhoids, and everything else. Some women find that walking is incredibly difficult, while others have adapted to their pregnant bodies. Some women experience urinary tract infections at this point. These are caused by constant trips to the restroom and hemorrhoids. You may be feeling your baby resting on your pelvic bones. This is normal as he or she awaits labor and childbirth. You may also experience higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Your Baby’s Development

By now, your baby should have developed completely, although he or she will continue to build fat under the skin, causing the arms, legs, knees, cheeks, and face to plump more and more. He or she is one week away from being considered full term, at 19 inches in length and weighing around six pounds. But don’t worry, delivering now is just fine!


This is a case of C-section because of the baby’s position…

Pregnancy Week 36 Tips

This is a moment when you should work a lot with your patience. Stay relaxed and stop focusing on birth. Everything will be just right. Both you and your baby will be just fine.

Also, now is the moment to pun your hospital bag somewhere near the door, so that you can quickly pick it in case you feel that something is wrong. If you have other children, talk to them about what’s happening and the arrival of their sibling. Now would also be a great time to make arrangements for childcare. Daily walks, even if they are difficult, can help relieve the aches and pains you are still experiencing


According to the ultrasounds, I gave birth to baby Johnny on the first day of my 36th week (even though according to my last menstrual cycle this was the 37th week…anyway). And he was JUST FINE! Sure, he needed to be taken care of, mostly because I had a C-section and he had to be prepared for the surgery (sacrococcygeal teratoma).

Anyway, when I have entered my 9th month I felt really good. I had no stress at all, for I knew that now my baby is fully developed.

Here’s a picture of baby Johnny at birth. A baby born at 36 weeks of pregnancy, through C-section, with 2.800g, 49 cm long!


What is your 36th week experience?

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35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant

This is a moment when most women think only about delivering their baby, which is normal. You should know by now how you are supposed to do it (naturally at the Hospital, at home, in water, or C-section). According to the chosen method, your healthcare provider may want to take more frequent test to ensure that everything is fine with you and your little one.

Changes in Your Body at 35 Weeks Pregnant

At this point your uterus is about six inches above your belly button, and your belly button may be sensitive to the touch. People probably want to touch or rub your belly, as you look very much pregnant. Your baby should be moving to a head-down position in your pelvis region, which reduces pressure on your ribs, chest, and lungs, but increases pressure on your bladder. This will cause you to urinate more often, and can become quite annoying. Back pain, pelvic pain, and pelvic numbness can all occur. The numbness is due to pressure on your pelvic nerves. This can continue until the birth of your baby. Talk to your doctor if the discomfort becomes excessive.


Your Baby’s Development

Your baby is about 18 inches long and weighs approximately six pounds. Even though most of the development is complete, your baby will continue to plump up and put on weight. His or her liver is functioning and producing waste on its own, and the kidneys are also fully matured. You will continue to feel kicks as the space inside the amniotic sac continues to shrink. The baby’s ears are fully formed and functioning just fine, so talk to him or her as often as possible. The lanugo begins to disappear, but fine vellus hair begins to grow to replace it. So, your baby is almost ready to see the world. It may reassure you to know that 99% of babies born during this week survive outside the womb.

Pregnancy Week 35 Tips

If you haven’t started Kegel exercises, now is a good time to do that. Kegels can strengthen your pelvic muscles for delivery and prepare you for the increased pressure as the baby moves into that region. Also, you may be feeling stressed and sensitive from time to time during your pregnancy. This is common and normal for expectant moms. Don’t feel embarrassed about this, and try to talk to others who have been in this position before or who are going through it now to help ease your mind. Although swelling can actually increase if you don’t drink enough water, try limiting the amount of fluids you take in as bedtime draws closer. Putting a book or two underneath the mattress at the foot of the bed to elevate your feet while you sleep can help with the swelling. Don’t worry about insomnia; this too is normal and expected as the due date draws near. Try your best to relax and sleep through the night. Naps during the day can be helpful too. Hang in there!


During this week, baby Johnny was really active, even though everyone told me he shouldn’t have been (because of the limited space inside the womb). Apparently he didn’t want me to eat much, so he kicked mostly when I had to eat or sleep. I used to feel ok all day long, but at night I used to feel sick. It was a really tense period as I was really impatient to meet my little price.

What is your 35th week experience?

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34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant

This is a period when you can feel much discomfort. Continue regular visits with your healthcare provider as he or she prepares you for the stages of labor. Keep in mind that it is possible you won’t make it to full term, but that’s perfectly normal! Most women experience labor before 40 weeks. This is why your doctor is preparing you now.

Changes in Your Body at 34 Weeks Pregnant

This is a period when you may feel the need to stretch your back. Back pains are common during the 34th week of pregnancy, as you are carrying a terrible weight. The biggest thing you’ll notice in this thirty-fourth week is the reduction of pressure on your chest and lungs. This is due to your baby moving down into the pelvis area. Your belly button is probably extremely sensitive too, and you may notice that if it wasn’t an “outie” before, it is now. Some women have heartburn due to relaxation of the muscles in the lower esophagus. Swelling in your hands, wrists, face, legs, ankles, and feet is likely increasing. If the swelling is accompanied by severe headaches, dizziness, or pain your upper abdomen, you should contact your healthcare provider, as this could be a sign of pre-eclampsia. The swelling is due to water retention, and believe it or not, the way to reduce it is to continue drinking more water. Drinking less water only makes the situation worse. So don’t even think about that!

Your Baby’s Development

Your baby should be now somewhere between 15 and 17 inches long, and could weigh about 5 pounds. At this point, most of its organs are almost fully matured, except for the lungs. The facial features are very distinct. As the fat continues to build under the skin, your baby is looking a bit plumper and is taking on his or her mature facial characteristics. He or she will continue to grow as the due date approaches. You may notice too that he or she is still getting the hiccups. This is normal. Some women confuse them with contractions, but you shouldn’t worry. It is not the case…


Pregnancy Week 34 Tips

This is a moment when you should try to do less effort and take much care of yourself. Your pregnancy is almost over and there is only a little more time until you can see your little one. If you’re experiencing heartburn, try eating six or seven small meals per day instead of two or three large meals. I used to neutralize them with yogurt. It worked for me. You can try.  Also, try to avoid wearing uncomfortable tight-fitting clothes and instead find loose, baggy clothes to help reduce discomfort. If there isn’t anyone around to massage you, make an appointment with a masseuse. This can help reduce swelling and pain throughout your body.


This was one of my last weeks of pregnancy as I delivered at the beginning of the 37th week (which was, actually, the first day of my 36th week, as I conceived one week later). I remember being really tense. Little Johnny only felt good when mommy was driving. Otherwise I couldn’t do anything because of his agitation. Sometimes I really thought that he had long nails for I used to feel like being scratched on the inside. There were some really unpleasant cuts. I couldn’t wait more… and I was more than excited to hold him in my arms and never let him go!

What is your 34th week experience?

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33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

Changes in Your Body at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Your waistline is still growing as you gain up to one pound per week… and your belly may look like a basketball. Experts say your weight gain should be between 25 – 28 pounds, although every woman’s pregnancy varies. You may be gaining about a pound a week, but at least half of that goes to your baby and placenta. Your doctor will have an accurate weight-gain chart available for you. At this point you may suffer from insomnia. Some say that this is a way of accommodation for after the baby is born.

At thirty-threeweeks pregnant, you are learning new ways to walk, sit, stand, and lie. Back pain, leg pain, and foot pain are likely ever-present. Try to relax and stay off your feet, or soak them in warm water to ease the discomfort.

 Your Baby’s Development:

At this point your baby is about 17 inches long and it weighs about 4,5-5 pounds. As the fatty layers continue to build under the skin, all the bones continue to harden, except for the skull that needs to remain flexible and soft in order to travel through the birthing canal. In addition, the sutures between the bones of the skull are not completely closed, which allows for some “play” during birth. Now your baby should be in a head-down positio, but if not, there is no need to worry, as there is still plenty of time left. Some people say yoga exercises can help your baby to move into the correct position, but consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any new activities in the third trimester. As the lungs continue to mature, your baby is continuing to practice his or her breathing patterns for life outside the womb. You may notice that your baby is sleeping more often (though still not enough to let you relax), and those kicks, turns, and punches are a bit more painful. This is due to your baby’s growth — he or she isn’t moving any more than in earlier weeks, there’s just a little less room now.

 Pregnancy Week 33 Tips

Try to relax as much as you can. You really need that. Also, try to avoid lying on your back, since this reduces blood circulation to your uterus. Lying on your left side is best. This promotes better blood flow to your uterus. But don’t worry if during your sleep you turn to the other side! Place a pregnancy pillow between your knees to ease discomfort while you lie on your side. If you don’t have a pregnancy pillow, use an ordinary pillow.

Eating and exercising are very important at this stage. Also, don’t forget to use anti-stretch marks lotions… you can still help your body, even if you feel like it’s too late!


At the 33 week morphology, my baby was about 1.900g and its tumor was already huge. Despite that, everything was just fine. This was the moment when my doctor decided that I have the C-section on January 30 and that I needed to have some extra investigations…

It was really hard to deal with all that waiting, I couldn’t stand a moment. All I had in my mind was getting rid of this stage and going into the new one. I was really inpatient to hold my baby… Oh, and another thing… even though we have thought about names all the time, this was the moment when we have finally decided over John. So it wasn’t Peter, Gabriel, Luke or Charlie… no. In my 33 pregnancy week I knew I was carrying a little Johnny.

PS: Here’s a picture of my 33 weeks bump.

33,5 bis(3).JPG

Take care!

What is your 33rd week experience?

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32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant

Hey! Congratulations!! You have just entered your eighth month of pregnancy! I know you may now feel pretty ready for the baby to be out of your body, but you will just have to wait a little more… Just continue to eat healthy food and exercise properly, enjoy everything you do, and go to all your doctor’s appointments!

Changes in Your Body at 32 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, you should be gaining an average of a pound per week, and your blood volume has increased by up to 50 percent. You’re probably still experiencing the normal pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, leaking breasts, pregnancy pains, constipation, heartburn, insomnia, shortness of breath, cramps in your legs, vaginal discharge, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, mood swings, stretch marks, contractions, and sometimes nausea. The baby may already have moved toward the pelvis in preparation for birth.

Your Baby’s Development


Your baby has now less room inside the womb, reason why it may seem much calmer. Most babies have their head down, whereas others have completely turned around and put themselves into the breech position. The majority will turn back to a head-down presentation. If your baby hasn’t yet, it’s okay; it’ll happen sometime before birth. If not, then your child may need to be delivered via C-section.

Your baby has grown to 16–17 inches long and weighs about 4 ½ pounds by this thirty-second week. The baby is sleeping in segments of 20–40 minutes at a time, and you may be distressed that your normal sleeping patterns have been disrupted. Hang in there; this is normal. Studies show that some babies dream at this stage.

The brain is continuing to develop, so eating properly is still very important. The umbilical cord is coated with a gelatinous substance to protect it from kinks and knots when the baby turns and twists. The baby’s skeleton is completely formed by now, but the bones are still soft and flexible.

 Pregnancy Week 32 Tips

This is a moment when it is really important to stay calm and relaxed, even though I know it is not simple at all. Your back hurts, you feel too big, you may feel hot all the time… It sucks but it’s normal. Braxton Hicks contractions (false signs of labor) can occur at this stage. If you don’t know how to tell the difference, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. These contractions are normal, and you should think of them as practice for the real thing. Try changing positions more often, taking warm (but not too warm) baths, and lounging to help ease the discomfort. Even eating small meals can help reduce contractions at this point.


By the end of the 31st week, the colostrum had appeared. So, during my 32nd week of pregnancy, I remember not being able to walk more than 50 meters without having a terrible need to use the toilet. Not urinating on time was out of the question for it gave me great kidney pains and contractions.

Also, my nipples went from light pink to a more dirk…ish color. And my hands were so swollen, they hurt like hell… but that’s a normal thing.

Anyway, as I gave birth at the end of January, in my 37th pregnancy week, I have celebrated the holidays being 8 months pregnant. So let me share with you our first family photo:


What is your 32nd week experience?

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31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been a while now since you entered your third trimester. You may feel tired, you may have a strong desire to see your baby, to hold it in your arms, to cuddle… I know this may start to feel tiring or exhausting but you only have a little more to wait and you should enjoy every moment you still have being pregnant.

Changes in Your Body at 31 Weeks Pregnant

This thirty-first week of pregnancy signifies that birth is near, but it may feel like it’s not near enough! I must give you some bad news: As your round ligament pain decreases, you may begin to experience back pain like never before. Sleeping comfortably for long periods may seem impossible now, so try to relax and rest as much as possible in the position that is most comfortable for you. This is a moment when sleeping on your belly is totally forbidden. Also, you should keep in mind to avoid sleeping on your back either. Some say that even sleeping on your right side is wrong but what other options do you have? Staying only on a side may be really exhausting… A long body pillow can be very helpful to support your belly or back while you are sleeping. Your breasts begin preparing for lactation, and may begin leaking a sticky, yellowish substance called colostrum, which is perfectly normal. You may even begin leaking urine if you laugh, sneeze, or cough, which also is normal. You can try doing some Kegel exercises and wearing panty liners as a precaution.

Your Baby’s Development: it is listening to everything you say!

Your baby is now 15 inches long and it weighs about three-three and a half pounds. So it is is over half the size he or she will be at birth. As baby fat continues to accumulate, your baby will gain weight much more quickly in these last two months. The digestive tract and lungs are almost mature, and the lungs are able to inflate properly at this point, producing surfactant to help prevent the collapse of the lungs after birth. The ears are fully developed, and your baby is listening to everything it can hear inside the womb. Babies at this stage can hear Mom’s breathing and heartbeat, they can hear music, and they can hear the voices of others. At this stage, very loud noises or events such as a rock concerts should be avoided!

The toenails and fingernails are fully formed, and the baby can even scratch itself in the womb. Amniotic fluid is extremely important at this point. Your baby is swallowing and urinating up to a half liter a day. If there’s too much amniotic fluid in the sac, it could mean your baby isn’t swallowing properly and could have gastrointestinal problems. If there is too little amniotic fluid, it could mean your baby isn’t urinating properly and could have kidney problems, or perhaps a placenta problem. Still, if there is a discrepancy between the size of your belly and the stage you have reached in your pregnancy, your doctor may order an ultrasound to see what is going on.


Pregnancy Week 31 Tips

If this is your first baby, you should have begun some birthing preparation by now. Who is going to be the baby’s pediatrician? Have you registered for any childbirth preparation classes? Have you taken a tour of the birthing center or department where you are planning to deliver? Have you thought about saving the baby’s umbilical cord blood, or perhaps saving the placenta itself? Do you have the newborn car set yet? This is also the stage in pregnancy where many OB providers advise patients not to travel any distance from the hospital, perhaps no more than an hour or two away. So if you were planning a “baby-moon,” hopefully you have been able to get away for this by now!


Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of my 31st week bump to show … but there is always a story, thanks to my pregnancy diary. Remember when I told you to keep one as well? It is still not too late, and you will cherish that memory forever! Trust me.

Anyway, this was the moment when I started to retain liquid inside my body, which means that I used to have swollen feet and hands. Also, baby Johnny was really active. He moved so much that my husband really believed that I will deliver prematurely.  I also had many dreams about birth; I couldn’t find my position in bed. It was horrible. Thank God that till the end of the 31st week things have chilled down a little.

What is your 31st week experience? Feel free to share it through the comment box below!

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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant

During this week you may experience mood swings again… You have only a couple of months to go, but you may be longing for your due date to come sooner. At least this is what happens to most of us…

Changes in Your Body at 30 Weeks Pregnant

29,6 (3)-crop.JPG

My baby bump

The most dramatic physical changes are over now! You may have gained a lot during weeks 20 to 30, but don’t worry! It is important that your baby gains weigh and develops properly. You may be feeling uncomfortable as you gain weight and as pregnancy pains continue to plague your daily life. Pregnancy hormones will loosen up your joints and the amount of amniotic fluid will decrease as your baby grows inside you. Continue to rest and take it easy as you travel through your last trimester. This will help with all pregnancy symptoms, pains, and hormonal imbalances.

Your Baby’s Development


Your baby is now about 17 inches long and weighs around four pounds! That’s a big baby, right? But as the fat tissue builds, the wrinkles in your baby’s skin will start to smooth out. Fine hair called lanugo still covers your baby’s body, and will remain there until birth… and in some cases, even a little more after. At this point, your baby is practicing breathing on its own by repeatedly moving its diaphragm in preparation for life outside the womb. Because of this practicing, you may feel flutters within your uterus when your baby has the hiccups. The baby is also getting into his or her own sleeping and waking routine, and becoming more active while awake. Your baby has grown so much that it takes up almost the entire uterine cavity. As the brain continues to mature, it begins to train the eyes, muscles, and lungs to function on their own. The digestive tract is fully functional at this thirtieth week, as your baby continues to take nutrients from you and process them.

Pregnancy Week 30 Tips

This is a really important period, and you should treat it properly. As the due date approaches, make sure you are visiting your doctor for regular check-ups, ultrasounds, and blood tests. Continue eating a well balanced diet, and if you experience constipation, eat more foods that are high in fiber, and get plenty of rest. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily and continue going to Lamaze classes, or whichever type of class you have chosen. This will help keep you active when you are feeling lethargic, and can also help to raise your spirits. If you’re having trouble staying comfortable while resting, try using a body pillow or pregnancy pillow.


During the 30th week of pregnancy I have managed to buy all the baby stuff that I planned. Baby Johnny was pretty active and I couldn’t have been happier about that. He used to wake me up every single morning with his kicks…that I enjoyed too much! Apart from the regular pregnancy symptoms, during this week I have experienced some mechanic pains (such as back hurts, stretches), I felt like suffocating all the time, I had really high blood pressure, it was harder to breathe… and the first stretch marks appeared. I also had dark circles around my eyes…   


What is your 30th week experience?

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